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04/10/2023PresentClub Website

My task is to create and maintain a new website ( using Blazor and, .NET 8 to tighten up security and make it look a little nicer. The result of this work is hosted on Windows Server 2022, with the hopes that the money is available to move it to Azure at a later date.

The site is a member only site so from the outside it shows only a static webpage, I can however provide redacted screenshots.

  1. My role is from start to finish, I plan the architecture, produce the software and database, and maintain the website on an ongoing basis.
  2. Create a new website using the original data in a new database. For this I used SSIS on SQL Server 18 (2022), .NET 8, C# 12 and Blazor Server Application and is hosted in IIS 10 on Windows server 2022.
  3. There is a plan to write a mobile app for recording finds while on sites. This will be written in MAUI with .NET 8 and use a service (Microservices possibly) on the server to transfer the data when a connection is available. The data can then be displayed on the website as close to in real time as possible.
  4. Server administration is also a key role as this site needs to have high availability.
03/10/202231/07/2023Axe Throwing

Create an axe throwing scoring system running on 2 Android tablets and a NUC. The system had 4 games, each having different rules, for example Noughts and crosses. The PC got the information from the Leisure centre booking system through a Rest API, then a welcome screen was displayed on the target area and a message was sent to the Android tablet for the lane telling it to get ready and the names of any players that were booked in. once the players arrived and the induction was completed, the players could enter their information and make a photo of themselves. Then the system went into game mode, this allows the players to select one of the games and play in teams or individually.

  • The scoring data is displayed in the tablet and on the info area above the target.
  • The tablets were the players interface for adding the scores for the individual players. Using MAUI and .NET 7, C#
01/08/202224/11/2023HVAC Control Create a system to control the air conditioning using MQTT and Tridium. A large project that required information to be provided by Vista on the film or booking times and turn on the air conditioning if there are any seats booked. The need to allow the times to be manually extended for a given amount of time, this is set in a popup. The JSON data is sent to a piece of hardware using Mosqitto (MQTT).
25/04/202231/01/2023Film Hire Accrual Create a website for the finance team to keep track of the Film hire revenue. When a film is shown, the cinema must pay the hire company a percentage of the takings for each person who watches the film. This can work on a sliding scale and so it must keep track of the periods when a particular percentage was valid and provide a comparison with invoices received. Using .NET 4.8, C#, and Entity framework.
21/03/202222/03/2023Smarts P2P Wrapper Wrapper to control the Darts games using Smarts P2P Restful services. When a customer has a game of darts booked, the wrapper could be called with a simple command to start, stop, or pause a game. Using C#, .NET 4.8.
20/03/202221/03/2023Nayax SQS

Retrieve Nayax payment data from AWS for the data warehouse. This uses just the AWS SQS message queue to get payment information to import into the data warehouse (Nisaba). Using C#.

07/02/202231/07/2022MasterRevenue Create a Master revenue table to allow faster reporting and overcoming the complexities of the data from Vista. This involved collecting the data from Vista and processing it so it could be stored in a particular way. Using C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server.

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